Dom Kirtley

Dom Kirtley B Sharp

Participant since 2008 & Young Music Leader since 2011. Sat on the B Sharp Board.
Currently Studying Music at Goldsmiths.

“I joined B sharp at the age of 14 and over the last 5 years the organisation has had a profound effect on the path I’ve taken and the choices I’ve made for my future. Over the last 4 years, not only has B sharp equipped me with a range of skills from musical group work to an understanding of live technology, but it has also given me the rare opportunity of working with renowned inspirational musicians. These two main factors together have equipped me with a balanced understanding of the professional world which I am very grateful to have.

B sharp has also helped me to create a diverse portfolio through all the types of projects that I’ve been involved in, from creating music from audio samples of the local town through to singing in mass choirs, playing samba and writing lyrics to portray young people’s view on life. The level of musical quality throughout these projects and the highly constructive atmosphere unique to B sharp events is what, in my opinion, makes B sharp such a vehicle for bringing great opportunities to young people and creating an awareness of positive youth activity in the local area.

The organisations collective understanding of how to connect with young people and pass on a wide range of skills has affected many of the young people in the area. These skills address more than just music, encompassing team work, constructive evaluation and leadership skills. This sort of learning paired with the positive outlook of the musical projects involved creates a productive community atmosphere within B sharp.

Looking back on my time involved with the organisation I can see how this has helped me and many other young people not only develop as musicians, but as young adults. This type of progression through recreation is hard to find elsewhere, especially in such a small community. The impact on the community has created countless opportunities for young people and changed the social landscape of the town, reinforcing a positive image for young people.

I have also received a lot of help and advice from the music leaders who work with B sharp, both on work inside the organisation and on my own musical projects. This help aided me in many big decisions, including whether to try and take on music professionally in later life, and went to the extent that my university course was actually recommended to me by one of the music leaders based on the work I had been doing with B sharp. Without them I wouldn’t be heading off to London! The numerous projects I had been involved in allowed me to greatly expand my portfolio and demonstrate a variety of experience gained from the events run by B sharp

I am now leaving to university and feel readily equipped to handle a range of new activities and challenges thanks to what I have learnt from my time with B sharp. The project has always, and will continue to, make a powerful mark on audiences and participants alike. B sharp gives priceless experience and rare opportunities to all who take part and demonstrates to the local area what young people are capable of achieving, given the opportunities that the organisation provides.”

Dom Kirtley.

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