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B Sharp PROGRESSION STORIES by Jacques Verhearen
Founder member 2006. Young Music Leader 2007 – 2012. Currently Assistant Music Leader.
Lead Singer for Papa Le Gal.

“When I was 18 and studying at 6th form, I was inspired to buy my first guitar. By the end of the year, I had realised that playing music had become the most important and enjoyable thing in my life. Not having studied it at school led to some huge problems with furthering it as a career once I had left school, which as a result, led to a few disillusioned years as to what I could do with my life. I was busking at the time when Fran approached me about the B Sharp idea, it was exactly what I needed and over 4 years later, is a lot more than I could have ever hoped the project could be!

B Sharp has opened up so many doors musically than I could have ever anticipated, and my story i know, is only one of an entire community. In so few other circumstances could I have had the chance to work with the musicians that I have, the amount of varied genres of music and skill sets they have to offer has taught me so much. If I was told 4 years ago that I will have taught music workshops at 5 primary schools and at my old secondary school, I would have laughed……….and so would my secondary school! And that is only a tiny part of the B Sharp project.

As well as trying out teaching at schools there has been a lot of extra curricular workshops too, all leading to big group performances. And all of which, always ask to be repeated at somewhere more prestigious such as the Eden Project, various music festivals and carnivals, and we have just been offered to play on the Australian stage for the Olympics, a once in a lifetime opportunity if I ever saw one! I have only scratched the surface of what B Sharp has achieved as a project, and what we as a group have on the horizon.

As B sharp was gathering momentum, myself and 3 new trainees formed a band called Papa Legal which also continues to be a success. Having played some festivals and what seems like thousands of gigs, the band will soon be making Bristol our home in a bid to make more time to play music. I think a large reason for our success is the fact that, although the band is separate to B Sharp, the ideals and love of music has sprung from our experiences with B Sharp.

I have been sitting here trying to think of a line that will do justice to what B Sharp has done for me over the last few years, but when it has contributed to a lot, it is really hard to put it into a single sentence. I guess I can thank B Sharp for the direction my life is going in now. Before I was struggling to find a place or a voice in music, and in just a short period of time I have had many doors open to me with a very bright future for both myself and B Sharp.”

Jacques Verhearen

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