Jake Perrett

Jake Perrett B Sharp

Participant 2008. Young Music Leader (Trainee) 2010 – 2013.
Currently Studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford 2013.

“My name is Jake Perrett and I am a lead trainee, and have been since September 2011, for B Sharp, that works to bring music to young people .The role of a B Sharp music leader/trainee is to develop their own skills and support the creative minds of the young people who attend the workshops so that they can create wonderful music to perform at upcoming events. We help to improve people’s musicality by challenging them to play new techniques, different music genres and getting them to put their music ‘out there’ at performances. These sessions also work on a more social level where people can come and meet with friends or make new ones, in a place where they know they will find others with the same interests. We also help boost peoples confidence (before I became a B Sharp trainee I was a regular participant, and if it hadn’t been for B Sharp I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to perform as much as I do, I am now pursuing a music career) by encouraging and helping each other. We do all of this while still keeping it fun and enjoyable!

Recently we have been working on a project for young music leaders. Recruiting new trainees as well as increasing the skills set of those already with B Sharp by running music workshops as well attending continued professional development days. These days have involved learning different techniques when running workshops. We have also visited another youth group called Remix based in Bristol like B Sharp but in an urban setting where we learned a different way of working. These days have helped the group of trainees to bond and to get to know each other. This has been done with the help and organisation of, Fran Williams (B Sharp Director) Pete Wild and Jacques Verhaeren (both music leaders). Each has brought their own skills to B Sharp. Fran always helps to encourage and support young people, always gets the best out of people and has been very inspiring, both towards me and everyone else who has worked closely with her. Pete and Jacques have both brought their own musical skills set to B Sharp as well as their experience as leaders, Jacques being a B Sharp trainee before me and the other current trainees.

Part of B Sharps model is the pyramid scheme of development for participants. If any participants show that they could help young musicians they are invited to become mentors and then trainees. Both these roles are aided by the lead trainees to develop their skills with the aim of becoming lead trainees. This is key because, eventually the lead trainees (who are generally the oldest of these roles) have to leave, so the apprentice trainees have to step up to take their place, which can be a daunting task. This is something I had to do and although it was scary at first, with the help from Fran, my fellow trainees, and Pete I quickly settled into the role and am thoroughly enjoying it. September later this year I will be taking such a step and leaving B Sharp to go to university. B Sharp has helped me immensely to reach this far in my music career. They have given me the confidence to go out into the world, both musically and socially. I have had some wonderful times that I won’t forget.”

Jake Perrett – July 2013

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