“Dorset County Council are delighted to be working in partnership with B Sharp to engage local young people in music based learning. This work is making a difference with those that may not otherwise see music as an area to explore. A big thanks to all at B Sharp for understanding how to make music fun and exciting.It is great to see so many of those that we work with develop something that they are proud of.” James Ward Rice, Area Youth Worker In Charge

“The power of music to affect and change young people’s lives is overwhelming! Youth Music is delighted to be able to help Lyme” Gilly Rudling (deceased), Regional Executive Officer for Youth Music in the Southwest

“We both absolutely loved the music and the enthusiasm of the children, adults and the whole audience. Thank you so much for making us welcome and giving us the chance to enjoy this fabulous celebration of all those young people involved. It would be fantastic if ‘Peer to Peer’ could replicate this on a wider scale” David Webb – West Dorset Partnership

“B Sharp has become an integral part of the Lyme youth scene which uses The Hub youth centre. It involves many young people and their families in music making, with skills learning, mentoring by peers who have previously worked with leaders, has experienced and expert organisers. It has gained a reputation for achieving high levels of engagement, commitment from those taking part and performance. B Sharp contributes to Lyme’s arts festivals with well-supported public performances including the Busking Festival, and workshops. The Big Mix brought visitors and locals of all ages together for a wonderful, varied programme in the open air in the summer. The encouragement which participants give each other is exemplary, and I have been thrilled to watch previously nervous beginners grow to be competent youth leaders. The creative ideas are innovative, young people take the lead, there is a buzz of confidence and an open, inclusive ethos which I admire. B Sharp is deserving of continuing grant support, increasingly difficult to source, due to the quality of the musical expertise offered, the successful learning model on which it is based and the keenness of young people in the local area to be involved…..I wish them continuing success” Sally Holman, Mayor of Lyme Regis. Co-founder of Lyme Regis ArtsFest and former Director

Collaborators & Commissions

“This process is precious indeed. Thanks to their ongoing mission to develop this work. They deserve every ounce of support. What an incredible way of binding a community together without competition or prescribed boundaries” Howard Moody Musical Director

‘After two years of planning, commissioning, creating and rehearsing the performance of Coastal Voices delivered far more than was ever dared hoped. The younger part of the Coastal Voices collaboration showed us all that not only can they sing brilliantly – but that music making in their region is alive and kicking – and of exceptional quality.  The young people inspired the music commissioned by Creative Coast to reflect the geology of the Jurrasic Coast World Heritage Site, and they in turn inspired me and the rest of the audience at Lighthouse with their performance. Lyme Regis and particularly B Sharp  – you certainly showed us all!’  Elspeth McBain CEO Lighthouse, Poole

‘On Golden Cap’ “A striking and powerful piece of music.  The standard is high, the ownership and enjoyment of the piece by young performers evident. A real tribute to B Sharp and the young people of Lyme Regis” Nadine Wood | Learning Manager Serious.

“The performance by B Sharp was stunning. We gave them free rein to devise a piece which fitted the themes of the Festival and they produced something which grabbed the audience with its images and sound” Richard Doney, Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

Music leaders

“I have gained much from working with B Sharp and it’s pioneering spirit. I have improved my skills as a workshop leader, learnt to trust young people to achieve their potential and that each person has a different capability to achieve that potential. I have also learned that the majority of the young people are open-minded, offer creative ideas and solutions and are keen to learn. These are among the many positive factors that have made B Sharp the best music project I have ever been involved in. The leader-mentor-trainee-young person structure allows people to integrate and share tasks in a way that encourages everyone to take responsibility, rather than a top-down chain of command” Glyn Bush, Producer 


“B Sharp is a great and rare example of a community project created from the ‘bottom up’.  Because of this it has been hugely successful (over a really short timeframe) in providing a genuine ‘pathway’ for young people to create, participate in, and lead music workshops and performance.  As one of the music leaders, I have been hugely impressed by the trainees passionate input into the project.  This enthusiasm has been taken on by younger participants – who now want the chance to become trainees, themselves.  This peer mentoring and leading by example has been second to none – long may it continue!  I have also been impressed by the cultural impact the project is starting to have, which is much needed in this rural area.  There seems to be a real hunger for creative, eclectic music making, so in that sense B Sharp is filling an important cultural as well as community role.  But for me most importantly the project is providing an important inclusive opportunity for young people to build self-confidence, work cohesively as a group and to learn transferable creative skills for the future.  They’ve also created some really powerful, meaningful music and demonstrated that all young people can make a strong, positive, artistic, musical statement given the right context” John K Miles, Composer

Primary Teacher

“We are very lucky to have B Sharp making this all possible for children in a culturally deprived area. I am delighted that we got the chance to be involved in this project.’ A parent commented that the performance had moved her to tears and seeing her daughter taking part in something so big (and good) made her so proud” Clare Rinaldi


“I taught for over 30 years, but rarely if ever have I seen such palpable enjoyment among a group – and a mixed-age group – of youngsters. Not just sheer pleasure in what they were doing, in each
other and in their leader – but such confidence and freedom of spirit: they knew what they were doing, knew they could do it, but most of all seemed to sense that it wouldn’t matter one jot if they didn’t manage it perfectly all the time” Chris Boothroyd


“My son has grown so much in confidence since participating in B Sharp – I can truly say I think it has transformed his experience of living in Lyme Regis, and has been instrumental to him now feeling a sense of belonging and to being able to engage with his peers. This is quite something for a shy, withdrawn young man struggling with dyspraxia and communication difficulties, who has been an outsider” Anon

“B Sharp is an amazing organisation that nurtures young people through music and creative arts, enabling them to grow in confidence and reach their full potential. My children have benefited enormously from the support and friendships they have developed through B Sharp not only by improving their music skills but through their contribution to something so positive and worthwhile. The Big Mix festival last summer was an outstanding example of how B Sharp functions, bringing people together from Lyme Regis, Charmouth where we live, and communities from across the south west. Everyone played their part from the performers and B Sharp music leaders to parents and friends who helped run raffles, stalls, BBQs, and back stage support – the result galvanised a community to produce a day of excellent entertainment and opportunities for all to contribute” Russ Pearce, Trustee

“B Sharp has been an exemplary organisation in every respect. I have been involved in many projects linking young people with the arts but never with one which has delivered so fully on its objectives. It has had exceptional leadership and has created an expectation which runs much wider than the immediate catchment. I have never been more convinced of the value delivered to the participants” John Bartholomew: Ex B Sharp Trustee


“Part of B Sharps model is the pyramid scheme of development for participants. If any participants show that they could help young musicians they are invited to become mentors and then apprentice trainees. Both these roles are aided by the lead trainees to develop their skills with the aim of becoming lead trainees. This is key because, eventually the lead trainees (who are generally the oldest of these roles) have to leave , so the apprentice trainees have to step up to take their place, which can be a daunting task. This is something I had to do and although it was scary at first, with the help from Fran, my fellow trainees, and Pete I quickly settled into the role and am thoroughly enjoying it. September later this year I will be taking such a step and leaving B Sharp to go to university. B Sharp has helped me immensely to reach this far in my music career. They have given me the confidence to go out into the world, both musically and socially. I have had some wonderful times that I won’t forget”  Jake Perrett participant young leaders and alumni


“There has been years of non stop opportunity to learn new skills. Working and playing alongside all the different professional musicians and music leaders has changed the way I hear and play music. The experience I have got from this far exceeds any music course I could do, its better than doing a degree in music, this is real learning and it has without a doubt changed the course of my future for the better” Jacques Verhaeren founder member and current music leader as part of The Big Mix project

“The project keeps people off the streets and keeps me out of mischief” Megan – music inclusion project

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