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  1. Mary wall

    My Son Alexander from Shute primary took part in Thursday’s event at Colyton church. It was amazing! He loved it and he loved he guys coming into school over the weeks to work on the songs with the children. He and I are sorry that it’s all over and we hope that he will have another opportunity to make funky music with the B Sharp crew again!
    An enormous thank you!
    Mary Wall, Colyton

  2. Tom Cornish

    Our son Henry joined B Sharp way back when and this year, on leaving school, he is now studying music and music recording at Surrey University. The Tonmeister course is regarded by some as one the best around and I’d say he did well to get a place but he would be the first to agree that his involvement in B Sharp over the past 4 or 5 years has been hugely influential, not only on his musical development but in the pleasure and confidence it has given him to be part of a thriving and creative community of musicians and, in his last year, to take on the additional challenge of being a music leader. I hope B Sharp continues to thrive and to give young musicians the same inspiration and confidence to enjoy making music. Thank you B Sharp.

  3. A. Bullmore

    The summer collective was a very polished, intensive musical experience leading to an outstanding performance! Great.

  4. Karen Harris

    December 10th, 2014
    The B Sharp concert at Lyme Regis Marine Theatre was incredible on Sun 7th Dec.I really enjoyed the previous concert,and was very surprised at the standard of singing from the solos and also collectively as the schools performed.The most beautiful singing,and music. My son Samuel sang also sang a solo & I was so amazed to hear such angelic tones from my own son. I was incredibly proud, but totally wowed by the whole standard of the show. Just brilliant.Truly amazing to be able to experience the bsharp experience.Fantastic to see all of those young school children of all ages enjoying the experience too.Thankyou to BSHARP

  5. Keith Robinson

    Last night’s performance of music and songs inspired by Beer Quarry Caves was fantastic. The music was innovative, uplifting and entertaining – and performed with such obvious enthusiasm. It’s inspiring to see children engaged with music in this way and the work they’ve written and composed is really remarkable. My own daughter has loved working with B Sharp and her singing and general confidence have improved notably.

    We’re very fortunate to have B Sharp providing this kind of outreach work to rural schools, where the children can work and perform with first class musicians under the inspirational music leader ship of John Miles. Thank you to everyone involved.

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