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Who’s Who?

Hannah Lovegrove – Chair
Hannah Lovegrove - B SharpI began my first business over 35 years ago and since then I have managed a variety of organisations across many business sectors, from the arts to sustainable construction and renewable energy.

I know how important it is to develop good relationships, to share common understanding and have respect for differences. I have a love for singing and I was lucky to have excellent music teaching at school. I learned the guitar and I’ve played off and on since then.

I am excited to join B Sharp at this point in its development. It has a dedicated and very professional team. B Sharp offers an opportunity to young people to develop and showcase their talents across a wide range of skills and within a very mixed group. I can think of no better way to support them and at the same time challenge perceptions, both their own and others’, of what they might be capable of given the right set of circumstances.


Polly Benfield Treasurer B Sharp - Building a Sound Future"Polly Benfield - Treasurer 
I have been involved with B Sharp since it began 10 years ago.  It’s wonderful to see how the organisation has grown offering a wide range of music skills and performance opportunities to so many young people.

I have always been keen to support groups involving children and young people in theatre, dance and music.

My background in company communications, training and project management has been useful as a Board member. My favourite moments?  I think working with a great management team and feeling the excitement of our young B Sharpers performing and having fun making music together

Cleo Evans B SharpCleo Evans
Cleo has worked for The Arts Development Company since it was established and currently represents the staff on the Board. Previously she worked for The Art Team at Dorset County Council, where she specialised in getting the arts and environmental sectors to work collaboratively – ie bringing expertise together to make for a better outcome. The arts and environment hub came out of these collaborations. She has extensive experience working in outdoor arts, both as an artist and in her past work which included being Producer and Production Manager for Inside Out Dorset (2007-2012). Her arts career stems from her BA Hons in Fine Art and an MA in Art as Environment, in which she was awarded a Distinction. She was also nominated for National Woman of the Year for her work in Dorset.  For pleasure Cleo stomps around the countryside and coast, often bivvy bagging and enjoys winning at badminton. She is also on the board of the charity B Sharp and Chair of the Ukulele Opera CIC.

Previous Board Members

Ayvin Roger
Zannah Doan
Russ Pearce
Ralph Lister
Vickie Stickler
John Bartholomew
Margie Barbour

Structure and governance

After around eight years of increasingly attracting attention at both the local and national level for its innovative and participative approach to music making for young people, ‘B Sharp’ has taken steps to consolidate its management by registering as a charitable company at Companies House and as a charity with The Charity Commission. The new status brings responsibilities but also immense advantages in widening the range of organisations with which it can work and also from which it can secure funding.

Ayvin Rogers, well known in Lyme for his work with B Sharp and a number of projects, particularly for promoting the interests of young people, has recently stepped down and welcomes Hannah Lovegrove to take B Sharp forward. Joining Hannah on the board are Zannah Doan, Ralph Lister and Cleo Evans, all arts professionals and Polly Benfield who brings expertise from experience with other trusts and public bodies, Russ Pearce who has a variety of experience in organisational development and commissioning and Vicky Stickler expertise in organisation development and recruitment. The intention is to add trustees from the age group taking part in the project. They drive the direction of B Sharp and work closely with B Sharp’s CEO, Fran Williams who continues to provide excellent day-to-day leadership. Young people influence B Sharp’s evolution through representation on the management group and through regular participant consultation. B Sharp contracts it’s CEO, Music Leaders and other professional support on a self employed basis as funding allows, generally on a project-by-project basis. Young Music Leader trainees are given a small allowance to help them stay in the area as informal apprentices.

B Sharp’s Policy Framework

B Sharp has a policy framework of 4 core policies:

Safeguarding and Child Protection
Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures
Health & Safety

These are available on request.

B Sharp Progression Routes

Since its foundation in 2007, B Sharp has developed a formal traineeship programme for young music leaders that has potential to develop as a model across the county and to grow within B Sharp. The skills cascade training model is an approach to guiding and mentoring young people and uses a peer led approach to working with young people. B Sharp has recently made agreement policies to clarify these ways of working. These agreements help young people; professionals and partners understand the way B Sharp works, what is expected from them and what they can expect from B Sharp.
B Sharp Agreements’ Policy

There are 4 types of B Sharp agreement:

For Music Leaders
For Young Music Leader Trainees
For Apprentice Young Music Leader Trainees
For project hosts

B Sharp is building a resource data base and networks in the music and education industry. Young people can use these as part of B Sharp’s sign posting to further their musical interests beyond B Sharp.

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B Sharp is registered as a charitable company at Companies House and as a charity with The Charity Commission

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